Friday, August 26, 2016

My great animal jam giveaway!

Hey everyone!
Today I have something great to announce (no, not the new item. It is great but it is not what I mean).

I will be hosting a quite big giveaway! I only have 1 prize so far, an orange long wristband. Anyways, now that I have an owl, I will work non-stop to get more for you guys!!

So how this is gonna work:

As you know, I am very thrilled to know that in 5 or 4 days, THE CUSTOMERPALOOZA WILL BE BACK!! YAY!!!! But because I know I won't find many fans in flipverse (No1 likes meh :cri:), I would like to depend on you. Also, I named my character ''Flora'' to remind you of my super hawt koala XD, I would name her Floyd or Fender otherwise. This is the link to my YT channel: . I will soon upload a giveaway video, named something like ''My first MEGA GIVEAWAY!!'' . I will give away many items, mostly rare spiked ones (I will probably give away a collar as well). The rules are:

  • You must be subscribed to me.
  • You must like the video.
  • You must give Flora 3 stars (if flipline uses the same method they used last year)
  • This giveaway will end ONLY if I am in the top 32 submissions. 
And, just in case you think I am using you to get votes on a game I like better, I don't. First of all, I like AJ a ZILLION TIMES better than flipline! And I am not using you, I am depending on you guys because I trust you.

Oh! Also, I am hosting a Customerpalooza of my own on the wiki (Not on my main account. Shh.)! I will probably give you the link when it's voting time!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

I iz back :3


Lol now THAT was weird XD

Anyways, I'm back :DDD I will probably tell you about my vacation som other time, but, since there was a HUGE update in the game, I decided to feature it a little!


 Um, yeah. AJHQ, you are allowed to make headfeathers but you are not allowed to make headdresses. Head feathers are Native American- themed too, you know...
 Beezlings, yay!!
 I missed the Phanntom Beacon, but... (notices pets ad)
WHAT.ON.EARTH???? Trading pets?? Seriously??? I'm never gonna trade MY pets, yet I traded some stuff for a purple pet mouse, and my sister traded me a grasshopper she got, but THIS IS SLAVERY!!
When she first saw this, my sister told me: ''AJHQ is releasing a new animal, but the clue they give is very stupid! It is a scratched piece of wood!!''.
I hadn't seen it yet, but I ensured her I could immediately recognize what it shows. She insisted I couldn't, but she was wrong as always XD



 Ok. Goobai arcticfoxiz, my birthday animal :'( I will miss yo..... Oh wait, I have one. And hi rhinoz B)
Yes, yes, yes, have done this, have done that.... whatever.

And here is a random gallery of photos/gifs imma add because I don't want to end this post so early:

My kawaii petz!!
Beautiful art....

oooo yeahhhhh



Ok, that's all for today! Cya!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Hiya!! So, today I am leaving for vacation, I woke up quite early, so I found some time to make the ''Joomag'' post!

This is the link:

There are some cooking competitions in there :P You can either send me the pictures, or post them on a blog  so I can see them.

Hehe, I'm a little worried about my vacation though... I'm going there with my best friend, and we don't want to be seperated! If they just DARE to seperate us... >:-(

LASTLY, don't forget to support my Customerpalooza entry (Customerpalooza starts on September), Flora!! I won't be able to make Sploder games with her, and stuff.

Cya in 13 days!

ps. If you see any spam, it could probably be my sister, pretending to be me or idk... And she was trying to spam Swirlshine with JAGs once, luckily she didn't. Imma trust her :P

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Flora Quiz!

Hiya!! So, I'm here with a...

2 LIES, 1 TRUTH QUIZ! (ehehe i switched places to ''lies'' and ''truth''. It is supposed to be ''2 truths, 1 lie'' :P)

A QUICK REMINDER: Don't be afraid of your answer (just in case you're afraid you will hurt my feelings XD). If I wrote an offensive answer about me, I'd better not write -type- it at all. Also, it is more about guessing. It's just to get to know some stuff about meh. I made this instead of an ''About Me'' post, on a not-posting day.

1.Which of the statements below is true?
a)I like dark chocolate.
b) I like white chocolate.
c) I don't like chocolate at all.

2.Which of the statements below is true?
a)I wear glasses.
b)I have green eyes.
c)I wear braces.

3.Which of the subjects below is my favorite?
c)Physical Education.

4. Which of the subjects below is my least favorite?
a)Home Economics.

5. Which is my favorite color?

6. Which is my favorite AJ den item?
a)Egg on Pedstal.
b)Gecko Plushie.
c) Nest of eggs.

7. Which is my favorite AJ wallpaper?
a)Yellow Sweets.
b)Pink Forest Walls.
c)Red Brick Walls.

8.Which type of berries is my favorite?

9.Which vegetable is my favorite?

10.How many siblings do I have?
a) 1 younger sister and 2 younger brothers.
b) 1 older sister.
c) 1 younger sister. (she is bossy thou...)

Comment down your answers {(number)=(letter)}
Tomorrow or in 2 days or idk XD I will change color of the correct answers.

AND, to be more AJ-themed...

I got ya two summer-themed outfits!!

 Summer koala! (Non member)

-Tiara OR Eyepatch
-Star Cape

Turtloon! (member)

-Turtle Shell
-Any type of glasses

Make one of these outfits, take a picture and upload it on your blog (or somewhere XD). ALL PICTURES will be on the Summer Joomag!



Friday, August 5, 2016

Flora the copycat!

Hihihiihhihiihiihi, you probably noticed the title XD

So, why am I a copycat? Well, I watched that yellowfr3ak's  Coco Speedpaint, I got inspired and wanted to draw a portrait of Lucas :-(

So, why the sad face? Well, (no, Lucas is still alive) Lucas was the cat I was going to ''adopt''. But then we found Max. And, since Lucas is a cat, it would be easier for him to live alone than Maxxi (that lady who gave him to us had a grandson that teased all 4 doggies a lot >:-I). I used to see him on a regular basis, but he suddenly disappeared!! I didn't see him for about 6 months. About 3 months ago,though, I were lucky enough to see him while coming back from school! He was so skinny and dirty :( , but so KAWAII!

So I tried my best to draw him. I really don't know if it is good or not.These eyes though...Yellowfr3ak is 22 and has more experience.  Well, accept my try :P

XD that background...

I will probably update that later. Byez!